The Unique Communication of Kitchen Color Ideas

Blue kitchen color ideas
Blue kitchen color ideas

This is not an ordinary matter, the kitchen color ideas can be considered as representing invisible communication. Sounds very philosophical, isn’t it? Okay, I am based on the color theory pioneered by Wassily Kandinsky, founder of abstract art, painters and art theorist from Russia. This is interesting, he assumes that there are certain qualities communicated by colors, thus I try to interpret them into more specific topics.

That is kitchen color ideas, let me try to translate the dominant colors in the kitchens as mentioned before. The quality of these colors in addition to have a specific meaning for people who have activities in it, it is also expected to affect the mood and certain qualities are desirable to prevail. The first is yellow kitchen color expressing happy, exciting and warm, it is advisable to give a good mood and fun. Blue kitchen color means peaceful, supernatural, deep; this is more about maturity and it is expected that we will get the peace of being in it. Green kitchen color primarily represents green nature, stillness and peace. Hopefully we will get the serenity that blends with nature and a refreshing natural atmosphere.

Furthermore, kitchen color ideas shown by white kitchen color reveal cleanliness, silence and harmony. The rest, white color and also other bright colors bring the cheerful impression and gives spacious look. Black actually delivers grief, unknown and dark messages, but many designers love black kitchen color because it even gives the impression of elegance, classy, luxurious and not tiresome! While red kitchen color offers a feeling of alive, confidence and glowing; provide a fun and vibrant mood. Meanwhile, the orange kitchen color is more inclined to the serious, healthy and radiant; this will also awaken the passions of life, vitality and spirit.

Some innovations can be done by combining more than one color, two colors and so forth. Natural colors are also highly preferred because it will bring the back to nature spirit. Clearly all this combination and creativity will end in the beauty of a design. The charm that gives a good mood to anyone who is doing cooking activities. Finally, the selection of colors is actually very personal, to love particular color actually reflects who you are and what’s your personality.