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12 Feb 2019 - Handsticks and handhelds are dominating the vacuum world, but with cordless designs comes restricted battery life. Which last the longest? The pick of the cordless vacuum cleaners do battery-powered battle. . The main drawback of the Vax Blade 2 compared to Dysons (the V8 in particular) is that . 27 Agu 2018 - Ever heard of the Chinese made Roidmi F8 cordless vacuum? . Users will notice a difference in the sound as well as the overall performance. 6 Mar 2018 - In its place is Dyson's latest cordless vac, the Cyclone V10. . Scientists Capture Rare Footage of Mysterious 'Type D' Killer Whale, . the capacity of the handheld vac's dust bin by 40 percent compared to previous models. 14 Des 2018 - Dyson Cyclone V10: The best cordless vacuum cleaner Dyson has ever made and . READ NEXT: Best cordless vacuum cleaners compared . 21 Mar 2018 - Dyson's latest cordless vacuum is so powerful the company will never . Those prices are high - especially compared to competing cordless . 6 Mar 2018 - In a briefing, Dyson showed me the motor and how it compares to its . Battery life is really the killer feature on this vacuum, however – it can . 25 Mar 2018 - Mums are going crazy for this cordless vacuum cleaner - and it costs . Harvey Norman, a saving of 00 in comparison to the new Dyson A third declared it: 'Dyson killer' and wrote it was the best vacuum they'd ever used.